The Project Hate MCMXCIX: The Lustrate Process

The Lustrate Process -t-shirt

Case: The Project Hate MCMXCIX

Artwork: "The Lustrate Process" CD


The Project Hate MCMXCIX is a swedish metal band which was formed in 1998. "The Lustrate Process" is their sixth studio album. Few exceptions aside, the band doesn't tour or perform live.

The Project Hate is one of our first clients, Leiskuva has been in charge of their web presence since 2001. Leiskuva has designed their album covers since 2002.

Briefly about the project

Usually Marko bases the artwork for album on the song titles and/or the actual album title, but this time around it was different. There were no titles for anything when work commenced at 2007. Actually it was sketched the same time he created art for the previous album but this picture was way too dominant to be even considered to be used on it. So it was put aside for further development and when the band begun composing work for "The Lustrate Process", Marko took where they left year and a half before. The album artwork and layout was finished on late spring 2009.

Project also included facelift for website and MySpace-profile as well as regular web banners, flyers and pins. Marko also designed an black and white t-shirt print based on the album cover. The design was used for printing a small amount of shirts for promotional use only.

Client comments

We don't know how Marko does his magic, but we are very happy to have this man's work on our stuff. A relationship made in hell, perfectly portraited on "The Lustrate Process".

Lord K. Philipson
guitarist & composer, The Project Hate MCMXCIX

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