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Global Domination was a webzine formed in 2004 which focused on covering heavier music and aspects related to it. Site holded many reviews, interviews, guick reviews, lists and very active messageboard.

Briefly about the project

First two years of it's existence the site was updated and maintained manually, but when the amount of articles rouse to several hundreds, idea of publishing and maintaining the site through a real content management system started to feel logical. After few months of research the most suitable system was found, and it was TextPattern, an open source solution with solid userbase and proper support. And for a site this large it was the best solution.

Design commenced in late autumn 2005 and continued 'til January 2006 when the actual production finally begun. Early February beta version of the new site was released and after few weeks of intense testing it was officially launched on March 2006.

A website this large is always under constant development and the latest and so far also the largest update took place during early fall of 2009. The site had it's first, real facelift which was made during the upgrade of the content management system as well as the forum software.

This time Marko decided to utilize an outsider for the graphic design so that they could concentrate fully on the technical side of the process. The visuals were designed by Sabone Design.

Marko also designed small batch of pr-material (t-shirt print, pins and flyers) based on the graphics created by Sabone Design.

The site was finally shut down in 2014, ten years after it's birth. Main reason for closing it down was the lack of time and interest by the owners. They wanted to focus on other endeavours instead.

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