Case: Full Scale Conflict

Artwork: "Trials of Existence" CD


Full Scale Conflict is a metal band from Finland. The band formed early 2006 with a mission to create brutal music for brutal people. With fierce screaming vocals, fast doublebass, intense guitarwork, pounding bass and minor elements of hiphop has created the band it's out-of-the-mass sound.

Fans of Hatebreed, All Out War, Cannibal Corpse, Testament, Biohazard, etc should get their kick out of Full Scale Conlict too.

Briefly about the project

During the autumn of 2009 the band approached Marko and checked if he could design a logo for them. They also wanted to know if he'd be interested in creating cover art for their debut album, maybe even taking care of the layout for the whole package. Since the band had very clear about the basic concept for the artwork, it was relatively easy for Marko to begin designing.

As usual with music related projects, Marko ended up designing more material than initially was planned: various t-shirt printsuggestions, complete artwork and layout for their debut album, taking promopictures as well as building a website for them.


Full Scale Conflict: Trials of Existence

Full Scale Conflict, website

Client comments

Working with Marko has been a blessing to our band. You rarely see someone being this passionate about his work and most of all his clients. His ideas are fresh but still classic at the same time.

When we started throwing ideas about our album artwork, we had a very little clue of what it should be like. No sketches, no nothing to give him an idea to start with. When the initial artwork came out we knew that he was the man for the job.

guitarist, Full Scale Conflict

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