Case: Pestilence

Artwork: "Resurrection Macabre" CD


Pestilence is a dutch death metal band which was formed in 1986. After disbanding in order to pursue other musical directions in 1994, Pestilence has reunited in 2008.

"Resurrection Macabre" was released March 2009 and right after it's release the band embarked on comprehensive tour. They performed on most of the largest metal festivals in Europe and on top of that did few gigs at the US during 2009.

Briefly about the project

The band approached Marko when looking for a proper party to design their website. After short negotiations the band felt it'd be easier for everyone if the whole visual package would come from the same place - Marko.

One thing led to another, an order to another and finally Marko took care of the album artwork, logo re-design as well as the official t-shirt print and the background banner used at their gigs.

Pestilence: Resurrection Macabre

Pestilence: Resurrection Macabre -t-shirt

Client comments

It has been a blessing working with an artist that is so involved, talented and driven.

But Marko has more than just these qualities. He also has a good understanding of what an artist wants and knows how to put these ideas into the visual realm.

Now, that's being a real pro.

Patrick Mameli
singer & guitarist, Pestilence

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