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Artwork: "Runoja kontrollihuoneesta" CD


Steen1 gained attention in Finland with his debut album "Salaliittoteoria" in 2004. After that he's been involved in many things. He's worked as a tv-host, wrote a book, co-runs a recording studio, produces music and has also participated in politics. And he still has arranged himself time to record and release his own music. "Runoja kontrollihuoneesta" is his third full-length CD.

Marko has participated in Steen1 productions since 2004, first taking care of his websites and later on also artwork and layout for his albums. Marko also participated in creation of marketing material and t-shirt prints.

Briefly about the project

Client had thought out the general concept before he approached Marko and even the photo for the album cover was already chosen. It was a photo taken at Junibacken, Sweden at summer 2008. Marko modifed the picture so it was more suitable for print and took care of the layout and additional illustrations for the booklet based solely on client's ideas/concept.

The "modifying" of the picture was a mild understatement since the painting on the wall in the photo was in very bad shape and faded so badly that Marko had to retouch/re-paint it nearly from the scratch. Also some of the figures that peaked from the holes of the wall war added to the picture afterwards because they weren't able to participate on the actual photoshoot. Obviously Marko did a good job retouching the photo, because the album artwork got positive feedback in the press for "using a regular, un-photoshopped photograph".

During the project Marko also designed a black and white t-shirt-print based on the album cover. Artist's website as well as his MySpace profile was updated to follow the visuals of the album.

Steen1: Runoja kontrollihuoneesta

Steen1: Runoja kontrollihuoneesta website and t-shirt

Client comments

Marko has convinced me with his sheer professionality since our first mutual project and I wouldn't even dare to think of letting anyone else to design my album covers or websites. The production is always swift and in time, flexible and first-rate. You can sense the true love for the work by just following his methods. They're un-forced and honest.

I recommed his services and would even force people to use 'em if possible.

Seppo Lampela / Steen1

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