Case: Liekehtivä Sikiö

Layout: "Pesismaila ja Ananas" CD


Steen1, one of the frontline rap-artists in Finland, decided to change his name to Liekehtivä Sikiö for this particular album. He wanted to pursue other, yet uncharted territories in the hiphop-scene he couldn't have done with his original moniker. Album entitled as "Pesismaila ja Ananas" (Baseballbat and Pineapple) was released on November 11th, 2009 and so far it looks like it's gonna be the first and the last Liekehtivä Sikiö -album.

The album is a satirical statement, depiction even, of a modern day rap-scene and it differs alot from the material produced under the artistname Steen1.

Briefly about the project

Client ordered the actual cover picture from an outside artist, Jussi P. Koistinen. Marko took care of the rest of the project with Jouni Väänänen from Skye Design. Skye Design took all the photos, Marko edited/modified them and did the layout.

Client didn't want to have a different website for his alter ego, so the old website was updated to follow up the visuals of the new album. During this update the whole site structure was renewed to meet the technical requiremements of today. So it ended up being the largest update during the whole existence of

Once again, Marko created a black and white t-shirt print based on the album cover.

Liekehtivä Sikiö: Pesismaila ja Ananas

Liekehtivä Sikiö: Pesismaila ja Ananas website and t-shirt

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